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How to add presets to Lightroom

How to add presets to Lightroom

How to install presets in Lightroom CC or other versions? This is an informative and fast tutorial made from photography steps that explains how to add and how to use presets in Lightroom.


How to add presets to Lightroom Windows

1. As the first important step, you will have to download the certain preset that appeals to you from our Lightroom Presets Bundle. Look all collections and choose the bundle you like and click Purchase/Downlo.


2. Opening Lightroom on your laptop will be the second step.


3. To start adding the presets you should drag the chosen file into the opened window.


4. Then you should click on Edit - Preferences and only after that - Presets.


5. Find the field “Show Presets folder”.


6. Click twice on Lightroom.


7. After that click twice on Develop Presets.


8. Find the necessary files in the Presets folder and copy them. 


9. Restarting Lightroom will be the final step.

how to add presets to lightroom cc mac

10. Assess the outcome, change the settings and have amazing works.

Check out our packages for portrait photography below. See the before and after editing samples and try to follow our instruction about how to use presets in Lightroom.  


How to install presets in Lightroom CC Mac

1. Take your MacBook and open LR software.


2. Find Dialogue and after that Preferences. And then quickly choose the field Presets.


3. In the pop-up window you will find Show Presets Folder without problems.


4. Double click on current LR. 


5. After that double push on the field Develop Presets.


6. You will have to duplicate all folders with chosen downloaded presets and copy them to Develop Presets Folder.


7. Quit Lightroom program.  

That is the quickest way that easily explains how to add presets to Lightroom Mac. Every Lightroom preset can be characterized as gathered settings that are saved in a special system file. In case you follow all steps correctly, you will complete it within several minutes and without problems. If you use all presented tips, you will have much time for your business development and marketing. Finding new customers will also become easier in case of not being overloaded with photo editing and having free Lightroom presets for Windows or Mac. 

FAQ about how to add presets to Lightroom

Our editors receive many questions concerning how to add presets to Lightroom cc. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked ones for you to understand everything about Lightroom presets.

How to install Lightroom 6 presets?

No matter what Adobe Lightroom version you have – you may use our tutorials in any case. 

How to use presets in Lightroom I’ve downloaded and get the same toning as on the bundle’s cover?

To know for sure how to use presets in Lightroom Windows or Mac effectively, you should know that all raw pictures have different characteristics. They are usually taken with certain exposure, image balance and set light. You have few chances that your result will be exactly the same as on the cover photo. For getting nearly the same result as expected, you will have to adjust them by yourself after installation.

Do your professional Lightroom presets work with both Windows and MAC systems?

The presented presets are not bound to the particular operating system that you work with. For this you may install them and apply to both systems. 

How to use presets in Lightroom CC and apply them to multiple images?

In order to know how to apply settings to multiple photos, you should first add a LR preset to one photo. In case you are not satisfied, adjust some photo characteristics manually. After it you will have to mark all photos that you want to edit. Click on Synk button. You will find it on the bottom. Select the necessary parameters that will be synchronized. 

What format will the photo have after using Lightroom presets?

Open Lightroom software and import any wanted RAW image to edit. The achieved result save either in Raw or DNG formats. Close Lightroom. Open the program and drag the recently saved files with the help of a mouse. 

If Lightroom presets not working – what should be done?

The first step is resetting the program. After that you should update your Database Desktop. Be careful to check whether your presets are in the right folder. Moreover, do not forget to open a ZIP computer folder. This is the main problem of installation. 

How to remove Lightroom presets?

You have already known how to install Lightroom CC presets Windows, but the question how to delete them in case you completely  do not need them anymore is still opened. We have two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Do a single right-click on the effect you do not need and choose Delete. If you delete the wrong LR preset, click Ctrl + Z. That will take the action back. 
  2. Find the right folder with Presets and delete all that is needed with the file system. 

We have learned successfully how to install presets in Lightroom СС Mac or Windows and how to use them with the biggest number of bonuses. So, you may start editing right now. You do not need to seek for tutorials to know where to find presets in Lightroom. We have many bundles for any level, genre and style of digital photography. If you still have something to ask, contact us. We will make everything unknown clear and understandable. 


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