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A lot of people know that programs for picture retouching are an appealing chance to improve and modify digital photos. But still the range of possibilities and tools that can be done with their application is much wider. And photo restoration services are those options that enable to provide a varied circle of fantastic applications that help to repair damaged photographs, to remove scratches from photos online or to mask different picture deteriorations caused by water, age or other factors.

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Our prosperous photo restoration agency has organized a really successful business that is connected with post processing services for photographers. We have gathered one of the most skilled teams of modern photo manipulators. All editors that have made his/her minds to choose exactly this editing company as working place are unsurpassed masters in a particular range of retouching options. We realize that one person cannot hold constant leadership in all kinds of diverse photo editing services. That is just impossible, so we have organized provided editing services into several categories. And here there are two classifications. Thus, services may be classified according to the type of asked editing picture or according to the deepness of photo improving.

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The first service organization is quite obvious, for example here we can enumerate high-level real estate photo editing or unusual headshot retouching, praiseworthy baby photo retouching. The situation with second division is slightly different. Here our picture retouching firm provides 5 main types of outsource photo retouching.

Our photo retouching service deals with diverse levels of post-production. They are Basic Level with slight editing effect, Pro Level, High End Level provided for fashion using mainly and Extra Level. The highest and the most difficult picture retouching level is called Photo manipulations & Restorations. We will present at least some glimpses of each level for your better understanding below. But still, this article is devoted to the most advanced type of picture improving, which is old photo restoration. It is a definite leader concerning the number of provided retouching techniques, but still some of them are so specific that photo restoration service almost cannot be compared with other image improving levels.

Damage photo repair becomes useful when people want to admire the beauty of not only contemporary photography, but also of such pictures that were done decades before. This wish is a rather challenging one as past is hard to be returned back at all. However, up-to-date photograph restoration services have proved that they are powerful enough to turn this wish to life.  So, if you need help with damaged photographs repair or want to colorize old photos, our professional image retouching company is ready to help with it, you can access our website 24/6 except Sunday. Our clients may be confident that all possible editing options will be in using to provide laborious old pictures restoration. That is not only our routine job. Every photo order is a true challenge for us and we are not used to give up.


How to restore old or damaged photos?

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What is photo restoration? We do not want to overload you with numberless unnecessary facts and mentioned editing steps used in old photograph restoration.  You will not need this amount of information unless you want to become a specialist in modern damaged picture restoration. If this occupation is not your working choice, you do not need to read monotonous scientific articles concerning photo restoration services. But still we want you to realize the real value of old photo restoration.  That is the most extensive editing level that we offer to our customers and that is why it should be appreciated.

The easiest way is to compare an old photo with favorite toy from a childhood. It is already torn, dilapidated and shabby. But still it is the most valuable among other toys, so people do not want to lose it or to change it for new ones. And just imagine that there is a thing that can turn this old and threadbare toy to life again. Is it amazing? Something similar we have with photograph restoration services. Very often such torn and even spoilt photos are more precious than tones of modern shots or snaps. That makes people ask for damaged photo restoration to return the lost glory to their pictures. 

Surely, the range of provided techniques to restore damaged photos is really tremendous. All of them depend on the quality of offered picture and the goal that is needed to achieve. When the picture was damaged by water or time, and it needs a colorizing or photo renovations, photographers use a photographic restoration to retouch their faded photographs. 

Faded photo restoration has many improve picture quality techniques which help to get rid of bad quality picture and visible flaws. The most important here is the quality of raw image. Our experts in faded photo restoration can work with both printed examples and scans in case their quality is satisfactory. Our photo manipulators will paint in shadows and definitely highlights to raise the contrast in the picture and separate the backdrop form the foreground. This restoration of old pictures is believed to be at the same time time-taking and certainly rewarding.   


Still faded photo restoration is not the only challenge for our photo manipulation services. The highest level of professionalism concerning photo restoration service is adding missed parts of pictures. It is such kind of professional photo editing softwares which deal with repairing pictures and adding to the digital variant of the photo where fragments of the physical snap are torn or lost. We call them Raster graphics editors.

One more problem that is often asked to fix while repairing damaged photos is restoring water damaged photos. Such images may seem to be lost forever, but you should not despair.  Really sometimes the amount of damages is crucial as colors can run into each other or photographed faced may be completely obscured. But in most cases photo problems cause by liquids can be fixed by   restoring water damaged photos. Very often photo manipulators just crop damaged parts of pictures together and then return a photo to its original condition.

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One more facts that will raise interest among our customers is the range of restorations programs. Our clients are used that we mainly work with commonly known Photoshop and LightRoom, but in photo restoration services they cannot meet all editing demands. That is why to repair damaged photos we use other retouching programs that are not worse than their famous analogs. The programs like Adobe Photoshop, RawTherapee, and Adobe Fireworks restore corrupted photos, scratches, and other signs of vivid age from the photograph. They can breathe the lost life back into destroyed pictures, but only in case of their right application and definite skills in old photo restoration services.