Wedding photography editing

Wedding Photo Editing Services

It is truly challenging and demanding to be an expert wedding photographer. As soon as shooting of a beautiful wedding is just finished, there are really hundreds of the shots waiting for a master to conduct retouching. There is much work to be provided quickly and professionally:  culling of the most successful shots, effective color correction, beguiling portrait retouching, unusual background changing/editing, inventive album designing.

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Are you able to process large amounts of wedding photos within a quick turnaround and still guarantee top quality? How many new wedding shootings you could do during that time?

If these tricky questions are important to you, we may certainly help and give the definite answer: Fix The Photo's subdivision, can do professional and worth of praising post processing for valuable wedding photos.

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Wedding photo retouching nowadays is a laborious process of recomposing and editing professionally-made pictures in which every minute of such rare and solemn occasion is captured. While your clients are already far way enjoying their honeymoon and you are overworked with versatile appealing orders for new wedding shootings, we can shoulder this tiring responsibility of picture post-production and edit wedding photos done by your professional hand. Be quite confident in the fact that our experienced photo manipulators are true masters in this sophisticated picture improving sphere. Moreover, exploitation of LightRoom or advanced Photoshop is a real bonus that makes our retouching firm so renowned. Manipulators are certainly skilled and deft in underlining all string sides of attractiveness of all photographed just-married couples or their guests.

Superb wedding editing services that nowadays are widely applied by this firm contain a circle of versatile effective beauty improving tools. We boast about such unsurpassed, truly sophisticated and rewarding, concerning final results, editing techniques:

  • Basic and complete correction of photo colours 
  • Photo background enhancing (There we offer you two kinds of backdrop editing. The primary one is to eliminate shadows or unappealing objects from the already made and improved picture. And the second one is to change the photo backdrop completely.) 
  • Professional appearance improving
  • Impressive hair editing 
  • Solving all possible photo mistakes (Depending on the situation we may provide light correction, blur movements removal and other correcting techniques.)
  • Body editing (body reshaping or natural body sliming)